Harrison Assessments' offers case studies, success stories, white papers, articles, and testimonials to provide insight into our solutions as well as into the consultants and companies that use them.

Q: What are the various Recruitment Solutions and their benefits?

A: Harrison Assessments' offers a variety of recruitment solutions. They help companies:

• Easily create effective and comprehensive job success formulas that predict job success
• Standardize and maintain consistency in the recruitment process
• Ensure legal compliance and build a strong legal standing
• Pre-assess applicants and eliminate up to 80% of administration work
• Automatically rank applicants against the comprehensive requirements
• Track applicants through the entire recruitment process
• Gain an overall picture for each candidate against all the assessment criteria
• Quantify the impact of each candidate's strengths and weaknesses
• Interview with effective and customisable questions
• Systematically determine the best of the final candidates
• Persuade the best candidates to accept an employment offer
• Document the entire recruitment process

Q: Are the Recruitment Solutions available individually or do they come as an entire package?

A: Each of the solutions is available individually; however, they are significantly discounted when they are purchased as an entire package.

Q: What are the Development Solutions and their benefits?

A: Harrison Assessments' offers a variety of development solutions. They help companies:

• Maintain a complete inventory of talents and abilities of each employee
• Identify the personal strengths of each employee
• Help employees discover the best ways to implement their strengths
• Help coaches identify the above, build rapport, and develop performance
• Help managers ascertain the most effective ways to manage each employee
• Increase retention by pinpointing key areas of work satisfaction for each employee
• Develop career paths for employees that foster satisfaction, retention, and performance, as well as, facilitate succession planning
• To build cooperation among individuals and create effective teams

Q: What do Harrison Assessments' solutions assess?

A: The assessment includes a comprehensive set of factors, including education, specific types of experience, job behaviour related to specific jobs, attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, work preferences, work values, fit with corporate values and work interests. In addition, other assessments, such as IQ tests, analytical reasoning tests, and skills tests, can be seamlessly integrated to produce an overall assessment score.

Q: What types of jobs can Harrison Assessments' solutions be used for?

A: Harrison Assessments' Solutions are used for all levels of jobs from the CEO to administrative staff. The job success formulas enable the system to effectively target the specific requirements for each job. The stratified pricing options enable it to be used economically for every level.

Q: Have Harrison Assessments' results and performance been validated?

A: Yes. Harrison Assessments' solutions have been extensively validated worldwide over the past 20 years, including test-retest, cross instrument comparisons, and performance correlations. Validation documents are available upon request.

Q: Does it work for different cultures?

A: Yes. The solutions are used worldwide in 26 countries and are very effective cross-culturally. The behavioural norms closely match worldwide, and since the behavioural factors are job focused, our solutions do not have cultural norm problems that are typical for most personality assessments.

Q: Can Harrison Assessments' Solution be integrated with our existing HR systems?

A: Yes. We include an XML import and export functions that can be used to interact with other systems.

Q: How does the Harrison Assessments' Recruitment System compare to applicant tracking systems?

A: Our Recruitment Solutions doesn't just track applicants, they use assessment technology that makes applicant processing far easier and more effective. The result is hiring the best applicants with minimal effort. By building the recruitment process and including pre-assessment, hiring the right person is easy. The Recruitment Solutions enable you to have one systematic process that integrates all aspects of processing, including the easy creation of customized assessment questions and scoring, pre-assessment of eligibility and suitability, automatic identification of the best applicants, tracking applicants as they go through the various assessment stages, offering guidelines for interview questions and scoring, integrating all scoring into one final score and automatic notification of applicants.

Q: Are there any legal implications as it relates to the Recruitment Solution?

A: The Recruitment Solution meets all federal employment guidelines and produces a significant reduction of legal risks by focusing only on clear job requirements that are applied consistently for all applicants.

Q: Do the JobSuccess Formulas' work for different industries?

A: Yes. There are over 6500 job-specific templates that reflect a wide variety of job functions. They include factors that can target specific industry experience and other industry specific factors can be easily added.

Q: Can Harrison Assessments' solutions be customized?

A: Yes. Our solutions provide extensive customisation options. All aspects of the job requirements setup and interview guide are completely customisable.

Q: How much technical skill is required to install Harrison Assessments' solutions?

A: Our solutions are Internet-based products, so there is no installation. The company setup is simple. You need only to request a system and follow the steps outlined on the screen. The process usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Q: Do I need technical support other than what I normally receive?

A: The screens have simple step-by-step instructions that enable you to easily use our solutions. By reading the screens and testing the features, you will quickly understand how to use the system. However, you can request help anytime you need it.