Harrison Assessment Success Story
"I was able to reduce the time to view and process 135 resumes by 83%."

"I was extremely impressed by the amount of time I saved with Harrison Assessments' automated recruitment module, and the ease of using the system. I used Harrison Assessments' for the first time on a recruitment project this past December. I knew the interest for this particular job was going to be high, therefore presenting a good opportunity to determine the savings Harrison Assessments' offers in time and administrative processing. By the end of the recruitment project, I was able to reduce the time to view and process 135 resumes by 83%." (June Kitto, Managing Director, CareerFit, Australia)

In summary:

•  75 applicants did not complete the suitability component of the assessment. I interpret this as a lack of sufficient interest in the position. So before I looked at any resumes, the automated assessment had eliminated the need to view 46% of resumes that would ordinarily have been submitted.

Of the 84 successfully completed applications, I viewed resumes of those with a total score of 70 or greater. This eliminated another 33 resumes (20%) that needed viewing, a total so far of 108 resumes (66%).

The customer short-listed 5 candidates from the 13 at the group interview. The customer had no idea of the total scores of the 13 applicants at this stage. The 5 candidates that they selected were in the top 14 applicants, with a total score of 82 or higher. This potentially represents another 27 resumes (17%) I need not have viewed, if I had focused only on applicants with a total score of 80 or greater. A total saving of time equivalent to viewing and processing 135 resumes (83%).