Harrison Assessment Success Story
Strategon's Leadership Program Receives Awards

Harrison Assessments' consultant, Strategon, recently won two awards for its Appetite for Success program. Strategon is a growth and performance improvement consulting company based in Adelaide, Sydney & Singapore. Their leadership program, Appetite for Success, was developed for chefs, bakers, and others involved in the hospitality industry. The program is part of a 10-year workforce retention strategy.

Peter Graves, Strategon Director, states:

Harrison Assessments' played an important role in identifying the development needs of both the "participants" and those involved as "learning consultants". The Harrison Assessments' tool helped the participants identify the softer skills and traits required to make them effective in their leadership roles. The learning consultants used the assessment to confirm the suitability of those who had been identified to take on the role and to guide their development in working with participants, mentors, trainers and employers. Over the three-year program period, we saw some radical shifts in personal and professional effectiveness.