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Talent Recruitment

Harrison Assessments' talent recruitment technology ensures you hire the best candidate while at the same time minimize your assessment costs and save up to 80% of administration time.

Most companies create minimum requirements for education, job experience, and skills when recruiting employees. However, most employers do not systematically assess job eligibility (experience, education, and skills). Nor do they fully assess all the important behavioural suitability factors such as attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, work preferences and corporate values. Although most employers would agree on the importance of a comprehensive and systematic approach for talent recruitment, few companies have the time or expertise to create the necessary talent recruitment technology.

Even when assessments such as personality tests or psychometric tests are used, it is generally left up to a recruiter to determine how the test results impact the overall evaluation. If the test results are not comprehensive and integrated into a final score that includes all eligibility and suitability factors, the hiring decisions still tend to be subjective. Lacking a systematic and comprehensive approach, the recruiter must guess at how the test results should affect the overall decision.

Harrison Assessments' pre-employment testing evaluates all the important eligibility requirements and suitability requirements in one integrated assessment that accurately identifies the IDEAL candidates. And, since our system enables you to predetermine the importance of each job success factor, you don't have to interpret the assessment results. With Harrison Assessments' talent recruitment, the system automatically identifies the most ideal candidates using a single score.

Our pre-employment screening solutions eliminates up to 80% of the administration work by identifying and sorting the less-than-ideal candidates, dramatically reducing the number of resume reviews and candidate interviews that are required. Other pre-screening and resume parsing systems don't quantify each applicant's level of suitability and eligibility. Instead, they only screen out some of the applicants who may not be qualified.

It all starts with our 6500-plus pre-configured Job Success Formulas, which make it easy to create comprehensive assessments that fit your specific job requirements. The customisation for your specific job can be quickly and accurately completed by using our job analysis toolkit. Each formula provides a systematic assessment and automatically generates online questionnaires that can be directly accessed through job boards, your company's website or through direct invitations.

Our suitability assessment measures a complete range of 175 traits in less than 30 minutes. It includes attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, work preferences and corporate values. This is far more comprehensive than personality tests or psychometric tests which measure only a few traits related to attitudes and motivations. Our Suitability assessment includes our proprietary SmartQuestionnaire™ which has multiple layers of technological and psychological mechanisms that detect and prevent deception. Our ParadoxTechnology™ provides deep insights into unique strengths, areas for development and stress behaviors for each specific job. In addition, our unique Our Enjoyment Performance methodology and integrated interest inventory enables you to accurately predict and develop performance, retention, job satisfaction, and career potential.

Once ideal candidates are identified and short-listed, our automatically generated interview worksheets guide interviewers through the entire interview process with customisable job interview questions and behavioural interview questions. All the scores are entered in the system and a final overall score is calculated. Our automated applicant notification system saves time by automating the notification process. It enables you to present your company professionally by quickly notifying applicants of their application status.

Specific job skills
Educational levels
Educational subjects
Education achievements
Specific types of experience
Specific amounts of experience
Work preferences
Work values
Interpersonal skills
Confirm eligibility
Assess suitability via separate questions
Third-party Assessment
Skills tests,
I.Q. tests
Numerical reasoning
Industry knowledge
Overall Score
  The overall score enables you to integrate all test results into an overall assessment score that can include eligibility assessment, suitability assessment, interview results and third party test results. This is essential to achieve a consistent overall interpretation of test results.  

If you use additional assessment methods, like an IQ test for example, the results can be seamlessly integrated into Harrison Assessments' Recruitment System. All of the above features are fully integrated with our applicant tracking capabilities resulting in highly effective and efficient hiring.

Harrison Assessments systematic recruitment system dramatically improves fair hiring practices as well as legal defensibility and meets all the legal requirements of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Contact us for more information or take a look at our sample recruitment reports to see how Harrison Assessments can help you with your talent recruitment needs.